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Nordpol trees

High-quality finely shaped Nordmann fir


Nordpol trees

Naturally certified by GLOBAL G.A.P. for 100% eco-friendly cultivation


TreeSnap® Technology

TreeSnap® Patent to ensure that all trees are 100% vertical


Nordpol trees

High quality trees from plantation located in a uniqe coastal climate


We are a reliable partner

We guarantee high standards of cooperation

Atractive prizes without hidden, extra costs

Complex customer support and secure, fast delivery

High quality quarantied - 100% eco-frendly cultivation

Wholesale orders of 100 trees in various sizes

Why choose us?

The reasons why You should consider our offer


Choose from different varieties of trees

We offer you the highest quality, grown at our own plantation, carefully selected live trees different varieties of sizes from 40 up to 1500 cm in carefully selected quality classes all certified by GLOBAL G.A.P.


We respect mother nature that's why our plantation is 100% eco-friendly

Our trees are waterable all season long to ensure the freshness. We Use only natural substances for better pest control. The pot is made of biodegradable PP and can be composed after use.


100% of our Christmas trees are vertical and upright

To ensure that You that our trees are only high quality product we designed TreeSnap® System. Two fixation pins are drilled through the stem to gaint 100% vertical control and grow.

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